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Guru Gear: Rat Harness & Leash Set

Guru Gear: Rat Harness & Leash Set

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The Rat Guru's specially designed No-Slip, Slip-On, Adjustable Harness is personally and carefully hand crafted to accommodate most adult rats of all sizes.

Easily adjusts to fit snuggly around your rat's delicate chest & shoulders, and gently tightens & loosens as your rat pulls, preventing her from slipping out without squeezing or choking.

Most commercial harnesses are not designed with the knowledge that rats can slip through almost anything. Due to a rat's natural anatomy, there's a general rule that, "If the head fits, the body will follow." This harness breaks that rule! Designed with rats in mind, the Guru Gear Harness is strategically hand crafted to prevent escape and keep your rats safe & secure while on walks, outside, or just around the house.

Guru Gear is not just for walking your rat outside! You can use my harnesses for shoulder training, free roaming without a playpen, vet visits, car rides, going to the pet store to pick out toys, and many other things! Leash can be detached so your rat can still wear the harness while roaming around, while still allowing you to have control in case your rat starts to wander off. My harness is designed to keep your rats safe anywhere outside their cage! 

Using similar technology to a No-Pull dog harness, the Guru Gear Harness gently tightens around your rat's chest & shoulders, from behind her armpits, when she pulls forward or backward, preventing her from slipping out and escaping. The harness loosens again when your rat stops pulling. (Like a Chinese finger trap, but for rats!)

Made of lightweight Paracord material, this innovative design accommodates rat's special anatomy, contours around her chest and evenly distributes weight; designed to be gentle on your rat's delicate bones and does not choke or squeeze your rat.

Rat Tested & Approved!

My harnesses will also work for ferrets, small kittens, bearded dragons, and even prairie dogs!


  • Lightweight, thin, nylon cord is gentle on your rat's delicate bones.
  • Adjustable slide and buckle fasteners make it easy to fit your rat's chest and shoulders.
  • No-Slip technology gently tightens and loosens as your rat pulls to prevent slipping & escaping.
  • Removable leash with lightweight snap hook.
  • Easy for you to slip on and off, while preventing your rat from slipping out. 
  • Comes with an easy-to-follow instruction sheet.
  • Fits most adult rats.
  • Not for use on rats under 5 months old.
  • Do not elevate rats using harness.




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